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E-Funding was born out of a need that required filling. The owners and management of E-Funding have over 20 years of experience in the Financial Services/Banking marketplace and over 30 years in the transportation, heavy equipment and importing/exporting of it sectors.

Requests were being made of E-Funding from clients during a time of difficulty in obtaining credit around the U.S. to assist them in finding funding for their transportation or heavy equipment purchases that were competitive and allowed them to focus on their task at hand; running their business. Not spending a lot of their time finding funding for capital needs as they arose.

E-Funding was successfully able to capitalize on their years of experience in the Financial Services/Banking industries and find suitable funding partners of all kinds for the various needs and financial/credit situations of our clients. Even in tougher lending times.

From that, these clients as well as new friends they referred to E-Funding began to ask E-Funding to help them with all types of capital needs their businesses were having that had nothing to do with transportation and/or heavy equipment purchases.

E-Funding is now involved in all types of transactions across all industries and across all types of creative products. Equipment of all kinds. Hotels/Motels. Alternative Energy Projects. Medical Devices. Assisted Living Centers. Nursing Homes. Apartment Complexes. Commercial Real Estate. You name it.

For the transactions that are very desirable for the Financial sector, E-Funding is able to creative a competitive environment among funding sources where our clients get a much better deal than they would most likely be able to get on their own with time constraints/lack of multiple connections, etc.

For the tougher transactions, E-Funding is able to get to know you and your company's story/history/future and tell that story to various types of decision makers of all kinds of funding sources (not just traditional Banks) to have a much better chance of getting our clients the capital they need; when they need it.

If after getting to know you, your company, its' story, past, present & future; and making all that known to decision makes of all types of funding sources...

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